S/V WREN is a Ron Holland 43.

These boats were designed in the mid 80s and built to order by Ta Chiao Brothers boatyard in Taiwan between 1985 an 1991. Wren is Hull number 11 of 13 having been completed in September of 1989.

Her similarity in appearance to a Nautor Swan is due to the fact that Ron Holland designed several of Nautor's boats of that era. The aft sections of the hull are where the most noticable differences from a Swan are, with a flat transom, no tumblehome and less pinching off at the stern.
The RH 43 has an encapsulated fin keel and a skeg mounted rudder.

These boats were also known under the CT brand but the pedigree of Ron Holland designs prevails.

Construction was carried out with oversight of an inspector from ABS tech and several visits to the factory by the owner/builder. Commissioning was carried out in Annapolis for delivery to New Jersey.

This is one of those rare jewels in sailing boats. She has beautiful lines, sails like a dream and is constructed to the highest degree of excellence.

Her Perkins 4-108 has relatively low hours and is of late vintage. We expect to have many years of good service from this trusty engine.

We are fortunate to have located the individual who had our boat built and he has been kind enough to provide us with many drawings and specifications about the boat's design and construction. On numerous occasions, we have been able to E-mail him with a question and receive an immediate response.

We have spent the last year enhancing Wren with many updates and improvements. These include complete replacement of all standing rigging (rod) and related gear and an AWLgrip job on the topsides and cabin top.

System wise, we have been able to take advantage of many advances in technology with all new electronics. This includes a Raymarine E series radar and chart plotter with redundant displays (one at the helm and one at the nav station). Wren's original system design was well conceived and remains viable today so these improvements are built on a solid foundation.

The most recent system upgrade was a "Filter Boss", from KTI Systems. The Filter Boss is a well thought out fuel management system that provides redundant fuel filters and a manifold with an electric pump. Switching filters is made simple and fast and bleeding of the fuel system is a snap.

We added a new 110% headsail in the fall of 2007 and a new full battened main in the summer of 2008. Both sails are from North Sails and are of Spectra and performance oriented. The new main fills out our sail inventory pretty well

We always remove the sails when we are not aboard