Ron Holland 43 Boats and Owners

We have an interest in forming a community around these rare and fabulous sailboats and other similar boats designed by Ron Holland. Here is a list of boats known to us. If you know details of present or past owners or have drawings or pictures, please contact us.

Wren Ron Holland 43 Current Owner - Tim Prouty and Wren Herring

Lying - Pelican Harbour - Sausalito, CA
Azure Te Ron Holland 43

Current owner - Jack Gill - iroll2b1@gmail.com

Currently cruising in Mexico!

Sabbatical Ron Holland 43

Current Owners - Dudley and Debbie Fournier

They have had Sabbatical shipped to San Francisco Bay and have her berthed at Marina Bay, in Richmond.

Swift Ron Holland 43 Current Owner - Swift has recently been sold

Would like to hear from the new owner
Wild Mathilda Ron Holland 43

Current Owner - Bruce Amlicke

Cruising in the Caribbean.

Tere Moana Ron Holland 43

Current Owner - Patrick Brown

Lying - Sydney Australia

Here is an interesting site and blog from the previous owner's journeys.

Manyana Ron Holland 43

Current owner just purchased her and plans a major refit this summer.

Lying - Karlstad Sweden

Marauder Ron Holland 43 Undergoing a refit in Hong Kong - She is FOR SALE